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Privacy Policy

At Brilliant Energy we are committed to protecting your privacy. To give you an understanding on how your personal data will be treated while you visit our website please read the following policy. Our privacy policy may change from time to time so please review it on a regular basis.

Privacy and Security

We may use the information you provide us for:

  • Services you have asked for (loyalty/incentive schemes)
  • Offering you products and services from our partners.
  • Helping run and improve our services and products.
  • Creating statistics and marketing reports. We may look into how much gas and electricity you use from meter reading on your account.
  • Contacting you about products and services that we are offering.

How we will contact you:

We will always attempt to contact you first by your preferred method of contact that will be stated on your account. That could be one of the following:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • Other forms of electronic communication
  • We may visit you under certain circumstances

Information we may collect about you:

Information you provide us via phone conversations, emails and filling out online forms via our website.

Each time you connect to our website we may capture information about the device you are using at the time and some information stored within the device. We may also use GPS technology to determine your location. You will be asked to allow this feature if it is a requirement.

Use of this data:

The purpose of this section is to explain how we may use your personal information.

  • Improving website and services.
  • Giving you the information that you have asked for.
  • To notify you if we change anything on our website such as our products.
  • Asking you to fill out surveys/feedback forms on our website and products.
  • To verify your identity and/or location to allow access to your account and to conduct online transactions.

Storage of this data:

All information will be stored on secure servers. Any payment transactions carried out by us or our third party provider will be encrypted. When we give you a password we ask that you keep that password confidential and to not share it with anyone else.

Email Communications:

From time to time we may send you marketing emails that you subscribe to during the registration process. You can contact us anytime to unsubscribe from them.

Terms and Conditions

To view our full terms and conditions please download the PDF from the link below:


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer by your browser. We use them to identify how visitors to the site and the path that is taken through it. We do not use cookies to store personal data for any visitor to the website.

How to restrict the use of cookies:

You can restrict the use of cookies in your browser settings. Visit your browsers help function to find out how to do this.

Complaints Handling Procedure and Reporting

Making a Complaint

We want to make everything as easy for you as possible. However, sometimes things do go wrong, we will do our best to put things right as quickly as we can. Please explain what the problem is and why you think we have done something wrong by contacting us by: -

Step 1


If you experience a problem, please call our customer services team on 0333 442067. We will try to sort things out straight away, and most problems get resolved on the phone. Please quote your customer number when you contact us.

If you feel your issue has not been addressed properly or in the correct time frame, and you can ask for the complaint to be escalated to our support team.

Our customer services team can be contacted 8.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays.


Or you can also contact us by post:

Complaints Team
Brilliant Energy Supply Ltd.
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5DY

Step 2

If you feel your issue has not been addressed properly or in the correct time frame, and you can ask for the complaint to be escalated to our dedicated complaint resolution team.

The team will look into the issue further and keep you up to date on its progress. We will respond within ten working days and propose how to put things right.

When we have completed our investigations, we’ll explain what we’ve found and what we propose to put things right. Our response could include some or all of these:

  • An apology
  • Explanation from Brilliant Energy Supply Ltd.
  • Redress/Goodwill gesture from Brilliant Energy Supply Ltd. (if applicable)
  • A service or practical action. For example, remove charges if you have been incorrectly billed

Step 3

If you're still not satisfied after following steps 1 and 2, ask the person dealing with your complaint to refer it to the Senior Complaints Manager. They will carry out a thorough investigation and work with you to resolve the problem. We will provide a final resolution to your complaint.

Step 4

We hope there won't be a need to move on any further - we really do want to put things right if they've gone wrong. But if, after following our complaints process in full, you're not satisfied with our Final Resolution letter or we haven't been able to resolve your complaint within 8 weeks, then you can pass your complaint over to Ombudsman Services: Energy.

This is a free, impartial service for gas and electricity consumers which investigates customer complaints in a fair and unbiased way – their decision is binding on us however, the ombudsman can only accept your case if:

  • The case regards gas and electricity bills.
  • The problems which arise are a result of switching energy supplier.
  • There is an issue with the way an energy product or service has been sold to you (including door step sales).
  • The case relates to the supply of energy to your home (e.g. when you experience a power cut).
  • The case relates to micro generation and Feed-In Tariffs (FITs).

You will not be able to go to the Ombudsman Services unless you have followed our complaints process. The Ombudsman can recommend various types of redress that you can either accept or reject but if you accept them, then we are obliged to comply. The types of redress include an apology, explanation, remedial action and monetary compensation in appropriate circumstances.

You can:

You can get independent help from Citizens Advice consumer service at any stage of the complaints process. It gives you free, confidential and impartial advice on issues so you that know your rights as an energy customer

Visit, call 03454 04 05 06 or download their guide to knowing your rights.

Click here to see the Brilliant Energy Complaints Quarterly Performance Report Q1 2018

Refund Policy

Credit Balance Refund

If you pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit, at certain points of the year your energy use may vary up and down. Due to this you may have credit on your account which would normally come off your bill in time your energy usage is high. You can still request a refund from us, we will need a meter reading at the time of the request and we will also let you know if future Direct Debits need to change to get the balance as close to zero as possible.

For further details, please see section 12; Payment and charges – refunds in our terms and conditions.

Back Billing Process


A back bill occurs when you are sent a bill by your gas and electricity supplier where you have not been correctly charged for your energy usage.

A back billing process applies where your supplier is at fault, they will not look for any additional payment for any unbilled energy used for more than 12 months.

Examples where Back Billing would apply is if your supplier:

  • Has failed to bill you, but you have requested a bill.
  • If you are you billed using estimated meter readings and did not act on the information you have provided.
  • Did not do anything regarding a query or fault you have raised regarding your account or meter and this has caused a large debt to occur on your account.
  • If the bill is dated over the allowed 12 month period.

Examples where Back Billing would not apply:

  • Using electricity or gas and you have not made any contact with your supplier
  • Avoiding paying your bill on purpose.
  • Not allowing your supplier to carry out meter readings on your property or not replying to contacts attempts made in relation to gaining accurate billing information.

Debt Assignment Protocol

Switching with Debt

  • If you have debt to your supplier and it is less than 28 days old you can switch and the debt will be added to your final bill from your old supplier.
  • If you have debt greater than 28 days old you will need to pay that before being able to switch suppliers.
  • If the debt is the energy suppliers fault then they cannot stop you from switching.

Debt Assignment Protocol(Prepayment Meter only)

  • If you have debt on a prepayment meter you can switch supplier, as long as that debt is under £500 for each service.
  • Your new supplier will take on the pre-existing debt and you will be paying it off with them based on the terms they set.

Free advice about switching
For free advice on switching contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline, you can also visit Ofgem's website for advice on Who to contact if it's difficult paying energy bills.

Guaranteed Standard

Please find our Guaranteed Standards downloadable here

Site Access

We the supplier may require access to service, collect information from or even repair the equipment used to supply gas and/or electricity to your property. It is our responsibility and we reserve the right to gain access to the property with advance notice, unless deemed as an emergency. Access for authorised persons:

You will allow us, the Transporter, Distributor or any other person authorised by the Transporter, Distributor or us full, free and safe rights of access to your Premises

Our promise to you is that our technicians/engineers will possess identification for the organization they work for and have training in the scope of work they will be there to do.