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Brilliant Energy

Fuel Mix Disclosure

Fuel Mix Disclosure Brilliant Energy UK Average
Coal 0% 17%
Natural Gas 10% 32%
Nuclear 0% 24%
Renewable 90% 24%
Other 0% 3%
CO2 Emissions 0.0028 290g/kWh
High-Level Radioactive Waste 0.00 0.0017g/kWh

To view our Fuel Mix Disclosure with CO2 please download the PDF from the Link below:


Tariff Information Labels

To view our full Tariff Information Labels please download the PDF from the link below:

Fair Deal 9.5 Elec

Fair Deal 9.5 Gas

Fair Deal 9.4 Elec

Fair Deal 9.4 Gas

Fair Deal 9.2 Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 9.2 Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 9.1 Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 9.1 Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 9.0 Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 9.0 Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 4.0 Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 4.0 Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.8b Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.8b Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.5b Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.5b Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.7b Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.7b Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.7 Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.7 Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.5 Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.5 Gas   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.3 Fixed 1 Year   (sold out)

Fair Deal Gas 1.1   (sold out)

Fair Deal Gas 1.0   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity 0.1   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity 2.1   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.2 Version Elec   (sold out)

Fairdeal X4 - 100% Green   (sold out)

Fairdeal X4B - 100% Green   (sold out)

Fairdeal X5 - 100% Green   (sold out)

Fairdeal X5B - 100% Green   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity - Energy Saver   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.0 Version Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal 3.1 Version Elec   (sold out)

Fair Deal Elec 2 Years Fixed Version 2   (sold out)

Fairdeal 3.0 NS   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity - Countryside   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity - Countryside Extended   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity - 2 Years Fixed Tarrif   (sold out)

Fair Deal Countryside 2.0   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity 2.0   (sold out)

Fair Deal Electricity 2.5 years   (sold out)

Support and Advice for Paying Bills

How to pay your Bill:

  • Standard direct debit. This means you will pay for your energy supply in advance every month by direct debit. Brilliant Energy will advise you what the set amount will be each month.
  • Variable Direct Debit: This means that you pay for your energy supply every three months, upon receipt of each quarterly bill. The amount you pay will be based on the usage detailed within your bill.
  • BACs Payment - You can also make a payment to Brilliant Energy Ltd directly from your bank to ours using the details below:

    Sort Code: 30-65-41
    Account Number: 37919460
    IBAN: GB64LOYD30654137919460
    BIC: LOYDGB21682
    Please use your Account Number as a reference!

Please see our terms and conditions for more details about the above payment methods.

Struggling to pay you bill?

Give us a call and we can arrange a payment plan that suits your budget. What we may need to take into account:

  • How much you can afford to pay:
    Meaning we may ask for details of your income/outgoings, debts and personal circumstances.
  • How much energy you may use in the future:
    We can estimate this based on your past usage but we can make the bills more accurate with regular meter reading.